Disclosure under REG 30 of SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015


Authorisation to determine materiality of events
Appointment of Independent Director- Mr. Mukul Banerjee
Regularization of Mr. Mukul Banerjee and Appointment of Mrs. Rashi Saraf as Director


Intimation of issuance and allotment of equity shares on preferential basis
Allotment of equity shares on preferential basis
Outcome of Board Meeting inter-alia appointment of Company Secretary- Ms. Bandana Saha
Resignation of Company Secretary- Ms. Shruti Poddar
Resignation of Independent Director- Mrs. Trishna Patodia Pereira


Authorisation to make disclosure to Stock Exchanges of material events
Appointment of Independent Director - Mr. Jadav Lal Mukherjee
Regularization of Independent Director - Mr. Jadav Lal Mukherjee


Reply to clarification sought on Price Movement
Re-appointment of Directors - Mr. Deo Kishan Saraf and Mr. Samir Kumar Ghosh
Temporary suspension of activities of all units due to COVID-19


Resumption of operation at Madhyamgram units
Resumption of operation at Falta SEZ
Resumption of operation at Bantala
Commenced manufacturing of face mask and PPE kit
Change of Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Clarification on Price Movement
Intimation of change in address of RTA
Intimation of re-appointment of Managing Director_Mr. Shri Krishan Saraf


Intimation of demise of Mr. Samir Kumar Ghosh - Independent Director
Intimation of re-appointment of Independent Director_Mr. Mukul Banerjee
Intimation of appointment of Independent Director_ Mr. Rajarshi Ghosh
Appointment & Re-appointment of Directors at AGM
Purchase of land & other assets through E-auction
Intimation of re-appointment of Wholetime Director_ Mr. Deo Kishan Saraf


Intimation of appointment of Additional Director_ Mr. Abhishek Saraf
Intimation of re-appointment of Statutory Auditors
Intimation of regularization of Mr. Abhishek Saraf as Wholetime Director
Re-appointment of Auditor & Director at AGM 2022
Intimation of shifting of Registered Office of the Company


Intimation of re-appointment of Independent Director_Mr. Jadav Lal Mukherjee
Re-appointment of Independent Director at AGM 2023_Mr. Jadav Lal Mukherjee
Outcome of Board Meeting dated 11.08.2023
Resignation of Company Secretary_Mrs Bandana Saha
Appointment of Compliance Officer_Mr Shri Krishan Saraf

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